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The Road to Guitarability: The Development

Roman Petrov: The Development

Jan 14, 2016 | Our Story

Sometimes it really is meant to be.

Roman Petrov had two passions; both came from his father. He started programming at six years old. He started to play with computers at four when his father built him his first ZX Spectrum computer. By the fifth grade, he already knew programming would be his profession.

He had another passion: music. He started playing guitar at 14, another habit he picked up from his father. He now plays the electric, acoustic, and bass guitar. Around the turn of the Millennium, he started to dabble in recording, sound engineering, and music mathematics. During university, he played drums in a band. But guitar was his past and his future. Having influenced his two passions, Roman’s father couldn’t have known how well he was preparing his son for what would come.

In the spring of 2015, Roman, now the CTO of a mobile application development company called Omega-R, met the opportunity of a lifetime. Remember Ahmed, our determined guitar app entrepreneur? He needed someone to carry out his own dream; he needed a developer. Enter Roman.

With his lifetime body of work, it was clear to both sides that Roman and his team were right for the job. He had spent 13 years developing apps – but never one that so perfectly combined his pair of lifelong interests.

In combining his two greatest passions – software development and music – Roman and eight developers, designers, and engineers embarked on what he calls a dream project: Guitarability. When he first found out about the project, his reaction was deterministic: “We have to get this project,” he recalls. “It should be our project.”

All it took was one conversation between Ahmed and Roman for them to decide that together, they could develop the Ultimate Tool for Practicing Guitar.

Only days before the app’s release, Roman believes Guitarability will be the deepest, most serious guitar app on the market. Its emphasis on exercises rather than songs makes it more beginner-friendly, but also allows the user to grow with the app as he or she improves. Roman says Guitarability is an app for all skill levels.

As a beginner itself, Guitarability now has to prove its own ability to grow. The app’s developer believes in its ability to take on the field. As the app enters a market flooded with similar concepts, Roman is reminiscent of his own father. He’s conceived this app, and sprinkled his own influence all over it. He has only one goal for his progeny as it enters competition: Win.

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