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Frequently Asked Questions - Guitarability - Unrivaled Technology

Frequently Asked Questions.
We’re here to help!

What's Guitarability?
Guitarability is an iPad app designed to help Guitarists practice with their guitar.
Our app detects every note you play, and the spaces in between to provide you with instant feedback on how well you’re doing.
Who is most likely to benefit from Guitarability?
Guitarability is designed for early-intermediate to advanced guitar players who are interested in improving their skills and technique.
Our app starts off with the most basic exercises. Then you’ll be guided through a structured learning path that will take you from beginner to Rock Legend!
How do I know that I'm getting better?
In addition to the instant feedback that the app provides during your practice session, Guitarability tracks your historical performance in each individual exercise as well as the aggregate performance of the overall technique.
The app monitors and displays your effort, accuracy, speed, and improvement rate over time.
What skills are covered by Guitarability?
We boast a library of more than 1,500 exercises, covering skills such as Rhythm, Picking, Strumming, Harmony, Legato, Scales, and Creativity. Each skill covers a large number of techniques.
For example, under Legato you’ll be developing your Hammer-Ons, Pull Offs, Slides, Bends and Tapping.
Does Guitarability come with any learning material?
Yes. Every skill and technique comes with a video tutorial on how to perform, practice and improve your technique. We also cover the nitty gritty details of each exercise in written form.
Additionally, you will soon find performance videos recorded by our experts to demonstrate how to execute each exercise to perfection.
Guitarability also includes an ‘Extras’ section on each exercise page where we link to some of Youtube’s best content to help provide you with supplementary information and video tutorials. If you find any cool videos that you’d like us to curate in our app, please let us know!
What can I do if I'm struggling with an exercise?
Guitarability is designed to help you progressively manage your personal development one exercise at a time.
Yet, the human touch is invaluable! This is why our app uses your device’s front facing camera to give you the option to video record your performances as you practice. You can share the video directly to our social network to get help from our community of users and Guitarability’s professional guitarists.
What if I'm finding the early exercises too easy?
The beginning exercises will be super easy for some of you. We’re actively developing a smarter system to automatically detect your skill.
We really want to make sure that our users come first, so we’re listening closely to what our customers have to say. Please share with us your thoughts and ideas on how we can make this right for you.
Tell me More about Guitarability's Social Network?
We strongly believe that sharing what you play on your guitar with others is an integral part of your development as a guitarist, which is why we integrated a social network within our app.
The network is designed to help you share your guitar performance with others to get feedback on how to improve your skills and techniques. We encourage everyone to take part, and we’ll ensure that our best guitarists continue to provide you with invaluable feedback.
What do I need to get started?
An iPad, a set of headphones and your guitar are all you need to use Guitarability.
Having said that, our app works best with an audio interface designed for the iPad such as those supplied by IK Multimedia and Apogee.
Is there a version of Guitarability for iPhone?
The current version of Guitarability does not support the iPhone as the screen size is too small to display music notation in a friendly way.
Nevertheless, we’re just getting started and as we learn from user feedback we are sure to find a way that works. If you have any cool ideas to make this happen, please let us know!
Is there a version of Guitarability for Android/Windows Devices?
Currently Guitarability is not available for Android/Windows devices, but we plan to develop for Android/Windows in the future.
How do I connect my electric guitar using an audio Interface?
• Connect your guitar to an audio Interface Adapter (see list of supported interfaces below) using a standard guitar cable
• Connect your headphones to the Audio Interface
• Connect your audio interface adapter to the iPad
• Make sure your volume is turned up and any cables are properly connected.
• Tune your guitar using Guitarability’s built-in Tuner
How do I connect my electric guitar using an Amplifier?
• Connect your guitar to an amp set to Clean
• Connect your headphones to the iPad
• Make sure your volume is turned up and any cables are properly connected.
• Tune your guitar using Guitarability’s built-in Tuner
How do I connect my acoustic guitar?
• Connect your headphones to the iPad
• Make sure your volume is turned up and any cables are properly connected.
• Tune your guitar using Guitarability’s built-in Tuner
What is an iPad audio interface?
An iPad audio interface is a sound card specifically designed to support your iPad. It allows you to achieve the best possible audio recording and playback quality.
For more information about audio interfaces, we highly recommend Music App Blog’s audio interface section for additional reading material.
What audio interfaces are supported by Guitarability?
We tested Guitarability with a number of audio interfaces, and we’re sure most if not all audio interfaces supported for the iPad will work for you. If you’re having problems with a specific device, please let us know!
How can I join the Guitarability team?
Thanks for your interest in Guitarability! We welcome all the help we could get to improve the value added to our Guitarability user base.
In fact, we’re currently trying to figure out how to provide third-party content to Guitarability to help increase the amount of learning material provided to the users.
If you’re an accomplished guitarist with a background in creating kickass guitar tutorials and content, do not hesitate to click on the following link to submit your application.
How can I use Guitarability to help my students?
This is a topic that the Guitarability team is currently exploring. We believe that our app will soon be a key component in a guitarist’s self development. Yet, there is so much more for us to do!
Having said this, we want to maintain a discussion with our customers. We’re curious how you see our app helping you as a teacher. How do you see your students benefiting from us? Do you use any apps or digital tools now?
These answers will help us make sure we get it right – and if we don’t have it exactly right the first time, they’ll ensure our updates will be spot-on. Kindly contact us with your thoughts and ideas!

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