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Great ways to keep improving your guitar method without a guitar

Great ways to keep improving your guitar method without your guitar

May 20, 2016 | Guitarability

No matter how advanced you’ve become with your guitar, it can sometimes be hard to keep up your practice. Normal day to day life can sometimes get in the way of you and your axe, and maybe you can’t spend as much time strapped in as you’d like. Well, thanks to how awesome your brain is, there are actually some ways you can keep improving your method without your guitar…

Because your brain is the control centre that memorises and triggers the movements in your arms and fingers that make music, there are a number of ways that you can tap into that music-making centre without ever having to pick up your guitar.

Where to begin improving your method

Don’t get us wrong, to be able to start improving your method sans-guitar you need to have advanced to an intermediate level with your guitar; this isn’t some magical system that will have you shredding Van Halen the moment you first strap on an Epiphone. To make sure you don’t end coming into trouble as a player later on, you want to make sure you’re learning both efficiently and correctly.

In the beginner and intermediate stages of your learning, teachers can work out really expensive – so consider giving the Guitarability App a go! We created it to be as intuitive as possible and help you ensure that you improve both quickly and accurately.

Getting started improving your method without your guitar

Practicing without your guitar works simply because you are simulating certain aspects of your normal practice which produces the same stimulations within your brain. Every time you do this you help to strengthen those connections and improve your guitar method. Simple when you think about it!

There are a number of different techniques that you can take to improve your guitar method without your guitar – here are some of the most useful…

Simulate scales on your arm and replicate strumming movements

Once you’ve learnt your scales you can practice them on the back of your forearm by replicating the same finger sequences, taking care to tap each finger correctly in sequence. Similarly you can replicate strumming sequences to help cement them into your mind. These are simple ways to visualise your guitar and work best if you accompany them by speaking your notes out loud.

Practice finger tapping sequences on any surface

If you’re attempting to master a solo that incorporates finger-tapping then you should definitely be making use of those quiet moments throughout your day. Finger tapping riffs and solos are made up of a specific sequence of movements. Once you’ve learned the basics on your guitar, simulate them on every surface you can find while visualising your guitar. This will help cement them into your muscle memory and ultimately help you on your way to tapping mastery.

Use tools and exercises that strengthen your fingers

Even if you aren’t trying to practice a particular song or sequence, you can still benefit from exercises that improve your method by strengthening your muscles. You can purchase finger-strengthening devices that help do exactly that. There are also a load of fretted pocket tools that allow you to not only practice strengthen your callouses but also practice your fingering on actual strings on the go!

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, don’t let the fact that you don’t have your guitar stop you from improving your method!

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