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Characteristics you need to be an awesome band member

Characteristics you need to be awesome band member

Jun 29, 2016 | Guitarability

Being an awesome band member goes way past your ability with an instrument and the level of creativity you bring to the table. When it comes to the crunch, music is only half of what it takes. It’s what you do (or even don’t do) when you’re not jamming that can make all the difference…

While sounding great alongside your band mates is obviously a seriously important trait for a guitarist, that can mean nothing if you don’t have the determination or reliability it takes to actually get heard and noticed. After all, your music is useless unless somebody actually gets to hear it.

Okay, so you’re unlikely to purposefully sabotage your chances of becoming a rock star, but the point still stands – it’s as much the attitude and mind-set that you bring to the table as it is your ability that helps to make you an awesome band member. Here are some characteristics that you should be aware of…

Committed to the focus of the band

Let’s be clear, being committed to being a successful musician is in no way the same thing as being committed to the focus of the band. Having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve as a whole unit and being enthusiastic about realising those goals will make you an attractive person to have on board. That means being clear about your own motivations and being positive about holding conversations about direction with your band mates.

Reliable with good timekeeping skills

Reliability beats talent hands down every single time. It’s all well and good having someone who looks and sounds like a dream so long as they actually turn up on time. Style, direction and themes can be learned – a natural reliability just can’t. If you don’t manage your time well, spend some time learning how to as this is often the reason why people get kicked out. Relationships can also have an effect – so if you’re serious about success, make sure you articulate a mutual understanding about time and commitments to your band mates.

An “all-for-one” attitude

Nothing destroys a band’s aspirations more than secular divisions within that group. You want to be the kind of person that tackles all issues as a group, not one who starts trouble in paradise. If it’s in your nature to moan about someone to someone else, time to stop. Turning your band mates against each other is a sure-fire way to kill your chances of success.

Unshakeable positivity

In an industry where success is elusive and can feel a little “here today gone tomorrow”, being a positive influence in every situation isn’t something that can be underestimated. Try and be the mediator who finds solutions in issues and difficult situations. But above all, be positive and enthusiastic about your music and every little progression – it’s infectious.

An ear for other instruments

There’s nothing more annoying than a band member who doesn’t take account of the noise he or she is making during practice. Remember that it’s not all about you! You need to be fair so that others can actually be heard, and also so that you can see where you fit in. A band is a team after all – so be a team player.

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