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Why playing the guitar is the best therapy

Why Playing the Guitar is the Best Therapy

Apr 17, 2016 | Guitarability

Anybody who’s learned will tell you; playing the guitar is addictive. Not only is it an awesome skill that can help make life more fun, it’s the perfect way to switch off and do something creative for a while. For guitarists, guitar-time is me-time to the max.

We want to encourage as many people as possible to reach for the guitar because it’s an awesome instrument – and you’ll soon find that it’s the best therapy you can get…

Unlike other orchestral instruments that you might have started playing because you were encouraged to by your parents, many people who chose to start playing guitar do so simply because something inside them has got them feeling like they just should. It’s a brilliantly versatile instrument that can be used to play a whole host of genres of music, but the benefits of playing guitar aren’t limited to what you can perform or create.

Even the grumpiest person can end up seeming pretty laid back when they have their guitar strapped to them, and there’s a reason for that. That’s because as well as being an awesome instrument, scientific studies have proven that it’s actually good for you. Cool, right!? Here are some reasons why playing guitar is the best therapy around…

Express yourself & Boost your confidence

We all long to express ourselves. Guitar is the perfect creative outlet for millions of people across the globe. The process of learning a song over a short period of time can also help to seriously boost a person’s confidence.

Strum away stress & Re-level the mind

Music engages more areas of the brain than any other activity! Playing the guitar can be perfect for ridding yourself of stress. Following exercises that you are comfortable to your skill level help to boost positivity. For those suffering with depression as a result of change, routine guitar practice can be a great way to help counteract this, as it helps to create it’s own self-perpetuating routine. The very act of expression, of which guitar allows a great deal, is a great tool for dealing with depression.


Perfect social tool

Guitars are perfectly portable talking points and great ways to help engage with new people. Musos get along because they have something in common. Playing guitar can be the first step to making some great new friends.

It’s the ultimate accessory

If you’re worried about the way you look, strap on a guitar. Everybody looks cool with a guitar strapped to their body. A guitar helps you to look like the best you that you can be!

It makes you feel good. Like, seriously good.

Music releases dopamines – that home-brewed feel-good chemical that makes you feel awesome on the inside. The process of learning and practising guitar gives you a tool to help induce the release of dopamines whenever you want to.

Who says nothing that’s fun is ever good for you?! If you’re thinking about starting guitar but don’t know where to begin, Guitarability is the first step to really intuitive, positive practice. Give it a go today!

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